Q - What if I need an embroidered strap that doesn't really fit your ordering forms?
A - E-mail us to let us know exactly what you want.
Q - What if I need a strap sooner than your typical shipping time frame?
A - Ask us if we can put a rush on it. Typically, we can expedite production but the cost of even second day shipping is prohibitive.
Q - Can you embroider on a strap that I send you instead of on the Ernie Ball straps?
A - Yes if the strap is of a similar material.  We do not embroider leather straps. Please email us before you send it to us.

Q - Is there a limited number of letters that I am able to have on the strap?
A - The text must all fit within about 10 inches.  As you can see on the page of examples, less than 10 or 12 letters is best.
Q - Is it possible to use a font other than those listed?
A - In most cases yes if it is downloadable.
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